Skating At Festival

Tyrrell Publicity & Promotions was the dedicated PR agency for the 2018 Skating At Festival, offering a unique winter wonderland ice skating experience over the winter school holidays.

Skating At pop-up ice-skating rink sites were in major cities across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra, and also found in locations outside of the capital cities including Toowoomba, St Kilda and Sorrento.

As a team we created a national strategic PR campaign for the Skating At Festival in every location across Australia. We distributed a media release targeting traditional and new media specific to each location, we also engaged with leading Mummy Influencers to help increase social media presence and online awareness.

We secured live outside weather broadcasts with Channel Nine News and Channel Seven News, and also secured leading news stories for Winter School Holidays in state-wide newspapers.