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Over a year in the making – Hotel Kununurra and the Kimberley Hotel WA, Halls Creek – two of the Kimberley’s iconic pubs – are pleased to launch this month their permanent Kimberley Historical Displays featuring early photographs and artifacts from the Far North-West region’s rich and colourful past.

"The historical displays offer patrons a unique glimpse of our region's colourful past and preserves the rich, local history, culture and stories of our people and our places. It is the perfect place to drop in for a beer and discover the rich history behind these iconic Kimberley towns - it's like stepping back into a bygone era" said Justin Wiebrecht from Kimberley Accommodation Group.

The permanent displays at both the Hotel Kununurra and the Kimberley Hotel WA, Halls Creek feature an extensive collection of centuries old local images - installed in antiques frames to add flair to the authenticity of the historical images.

"The displays really tap into the Kimberley region's legendary mining and exploration past - along with some amazing historical images of many Kimberley heritage characters, cattle, stockmen and horses - which will no doubt encourage debate and discussion with patrons over a comforting ale", said Mr Wiebrecht.

Visitors will also discover many strange and wonderful relics from the North West's colourful and rich past - including antique mining tools, water buffalo horns, draft horse collars and even a camel cart wheel jack which sits proudly in the public bar for patrons to muse over!

Displayed over several walls, bars, common rooms and reception areas in both Kimberley hotels the exhibition was curated by Flametree Creative's Director Mark Venables - who spent weeks in the archives of Battye Library searching the pictorial database of local historical societies and individual collections for the Halls Creek and Kununurra Hotel exhibition.

Exhibition creators - Flametree Creative - have had a long history and affiliation with Western Australia outback regions - having previously curated a historical interior display for the iconic Matso's Broome Brewery.

"We have researched and sourced an eclectic gallery of historic images from both of the North West towns and surrounds - as well as a host of relevant artefacts and memorabilia to create a colourful visual display for the interiors of the Kimberley Hotels - that will no doubt encourage robust conversation over a drink" says Flametree Creative Director Mark Venables.

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