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A Melbourne-based Concierge service company has caused disruption to traditional service models throughout the building management and hospitality industries with the introduction of professional five-star hotel concierge services into key corporate facilities throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The company -- First Contact -- is showing that the hospitality skills gained from hotel training can be used in a corporate context as a basis for excellent customer service delivery. And the corporate sector, eager to support their own professional reputations, can’t get enough!

"It's a well-known fact in the world of luxury hotels that the most influential person for an organisation is the one who makes the first contact with the customer. So why wouldn't companies want this for their business - which First Contact believes proves that five star hotels are not the only place for high end service", said First Contact CEO- Paul Schmeja.

Since 2007, First Contact has been recruiting the best luxury hotel personnel and placing them in front-of-house positions in major corporate office buildings throughout Australia and now the pioneering group is planning expansion into Asia - where there is huge demand.

Corporate Concierges operate much like those in a hotel but unlike hotel guests staying a few nights, their corporate customers are permanent residents - office workers and executives who come to rely on the Concierge to support them when their professional lives get too busy.

"The term ‘Concierge' is generally understood but often misused - so it is our mission at First Contact to educate the corporate sector on what the term actually means and what level of professionalism and service should be expected when you get a good one", said Mr Schmeja.

First Contact are the pioneers in the business of Corporate Concierge managed solutions, with a strong culture inspired by their senior management's decades of experiences in premium five-star hotels throughout Australia and the globe. Since they first started in 2007, when the role of Concierge was rarely found out of a hotel, many wannabe competitors have tried and failed; unable to match First Contacts service culture, professionalism and network.

In almost nine years since their foundation - First Contact now has 180 employees across Australia with plans to expand into Asia. With an unchallenged reputation in the national Australian building management and Corporate Concierge industry - their staff are sourced predominantly from Australian premium hotels and resorts.

Using thorough recruitment processes, First Contact employs only those people who have the highest five-star hotel service experience, understand the key role their service has in the presentation of a company brand and are capable of implementing the established and professional First Contact systems.

For hospitality professionals, working with First Contact as a Corporate Concierge is a lifestyle choice and a way to advance their career in hospitality, continue to be passionate about providing great customer service with the added benefit of corporate work hours and weekends off.
"The position of Corporate Concierge is a senior position for someone with at least 3-5 years experience in the luxury hotel industry looking for a lifestyle change. On average, First Contact retains their staff for almost four years which is four times longer than most hotel employers", said Paul.

Currently the First Contact client portfolio list reads like the "Who's Who" in premium corporate real estate locations across Australia. These Building Owners and Managers see the value in the hotel training and development of First Contact staff and the scope of services provided by First Contact which include: Concierge Services, VIP Support, Client Floor/ Meeting Room Management and Reception Services.

They are currently on the look out to recruit new senior members of their national Concierge team - throughout all capital cities in Australia.

"Your time working in hospitality is the best experience you can list on your Resume as it shows you have people skills, intuition and a knowledge of what makes a customer happy. All of these are relevant out of the Hotel context and what we are looking for in potential employees at First Contact", said Mr Schmeja.

For more information: www.firstcontact.co

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