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A Melbourne-based service company has caused disruption to traditional service models throughout the national building management industry - with the introduction of professional five - star hotel Concierge personnel services into key corporate facilities and premium office assets throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The company -- First Contact – is a Melbourne-born Concierge services company – that believes it has harnessed the secret to keeping corporate tenants happy. This September - First Contact will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary as Australia’s leading corporate reception and concierge services provider with more than 180 employees across the country and expanding - with their recent opening of their state office in Adelaide.

First Contact has built its success in the belief that the most influential person for an organisation is the one who makes the first contact with the customer, this ensures the front of house experience leaves your tenants and visitors in awe of the service. Several poor experiences with security staff and traditional corporate receptionists reinforced that there is only one chance at a good first impression.

"Having a professional Concierge manage the front desk is like having an IT expert on a Help Desk: you only have to ask once and if they are really good at their job you won't have to ask at all. A great Concierge can change your perception of workplace culture", said First Contact CEO - Paul Schmeja.

"First impressions are our business and why shouldn't the customers, clients and employees in a corporate building environment be treated the same as a guest in a luxury hotel?", said Mr Schmeja.
A corporate building has many permanent guests, employees and executives that expect, as part of their lease, great facilities that they can easily use. First Contact has truly harnessed the secret to loyal and happy tenants: Make it easy for them to be at work and they will want to work in that building.

First Contact pioneered this unique cross-industry service concept in 2006 and has continued to succeed and innovate where others have tried and failed to launch competitive services. Their success stems from their service culture, training in the luxury five- star hotel industry and a strong hospitality network. They now have more than 180 employees across Australia with plans to expand into Asia.

"Hotel Management 101 teaches that first impressions equal lasting impressions and it's this simple rule that underpins our whole service culture - first impressions are our business!" Said Mr Schmeja.
Using thorough recruitment processes and led by a team of Australia's leading hoteliers - First Contact employ only those people who have the highest level of five-star hotel service experience, understand the key role their service has in the presentation of a company brand and reputation and who can implement the established and professional First Contact systems.

The workplace community is crucial to the success of any business and First Contact focuses their efforts on the visitor engagement experience. The Concierge is then matched to the client and a tailored and individual service program is developed for each building client.

While some amenities such as end-of-trip facilities, retail outlets, gymnasiums, shared meeting and conference facilities are becoming more common; finding the best person to manage and connect these services is now more crucial than ever. Whilst the front of house roles of security, cleaning and reception overlap they should not be interchangeable meaning a highly trained and competent Concierge will always return better results.

In a competitive rental market, a professional front-of-house service experience is the difference between attracting and retaining a high profile tenant. When the service makes such a high value difference to the employees in the building it will be the deciding factor. Business savvy tenants are also demanding Professional Concierge Services at negotiation stage.

Currently the First Contact Client Portfolio list reads like the "Who's Who" in premium corporate real estate locations across Australia. These Building Managers see the value in the training and development given to First Contact staff and the scope of services provided by First Contact which include: Concierge Services, VIP Support, Client Floor/ Meeting Room Management and Reception Services. Opportunities for lobby activations end tenant community engagement are at the forefront of workplace experience strategy, and professional Concierge are central to forming lasting connections within your building community.

In a society where Apps and Pop Ups are prolific, the established and professional skills of customer service is still a key strategy for a successful business model - as evidence in the rapid expansion of a unique, niche company such as First Contact.

"Before signing a lease agreement find out who is managing the first impressions at the front desk of the building. Then ask yourself - Is this how I want my business to be represented?" said Schmeja.

More information: www.firstcontact.co


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