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If you're interested in hearing how Public Relations can help to put your business, property or region on the map - we invite you to contact us to arrange a free consultation where we will discuss your marketing objectives, budget and timelines and how the team at Tyrrell Publicity & Promotions can help raise your brand awareness and put you on the media's radar!

Does my Company Need PR?

Is my organisation about to launch a new product or service?
Are we about to go through a re-branding?
Do I need to reach a wider audience such as TV, magazines and newspapers but don't have the budget for a large scale advertising campaign?
Do I want to be able to access the top media throughout Australia to visit my product, experience our services, learn about my company?
Do I need to get my brand out into the marketplace?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions - then YES - you need PR

Leanne Tyrrell - Managing Director

P: (03) 9629 7000
F: (03) 9629 5843
Mobile: (0403) 081-999
E: leanne@tyrrellpr.com.au
Level 2, 10-16 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000